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Farhad Jafarpour آبشار C-8080 17-Mar-2005
Farhad Jafarpour آسمان ابري C-8080 15-Mar-2005
Farhad Jafarpour الوند C-8080 16-Mar-2005
Bijan Falsafi ُStorm is coming Various 26-Oct-2009
Neal Friedenthal '55 T-Bird

Different angle on a 1955 Thunderbird

Olympus "e" images 13-Jun-2010
Kevin Dude '57 Chevy Bel Air

1957 Chevy Bel Air in car show in Badgerow Park, Greece New York. I used 3 images to do HDR work with PaintShop Pro X2.

Cars & Car Parts 18-Jun-2009
Stephane Dujourdy 'Le penseur' Animals 07-Aug-2006
John Larkin 'Rusting' on the beach

This old American car is from the same guy who owns the Hudson Hornet on my previous image here . The title is a bit of a play on words, ie. "resting on the beach" as it looks like it's come to the end of it's driving life, as it's not even registered anymore.

John Larkin's E300 images 19-Nov-2005
Bruce Thomas 'Touch-n-Go' on the Lake

'Touch-n-go' on the lake in an annual Balloon Festival here in Colorado. About 84 Balloons made the Mass Ascension this AM..

Bruce Thomas 05-Sep-2005
frank julius 'tween trains

Between the tourist trains in Port Stanley Ontario - Idle in Yard

frankjulius 20-Nov-2012