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This photo sharing site is dedicated to users of Olympus C4040-8080, all Olympus 4/3 DSLR cameras and all Olympus Micro 4/3 "PEN" cameras. Members can upload images and give or get feedback on other members' images. Subject to the site's guidelines you may share your photographs and rate and comment on the photos of others.

Membership is free, although we encourage donations to help cover the hosting and bandwidth expenses.

In the camera-specific online resources: we address many topics, including: polarizer filters and other filters, (Raynox, Tiffen and other brands), lens tube (CLA-1, CLA-5, CLA-7 and CLA-8 extension tubes) to protect the lens barrel and/or attach filters or auxiliary lenses; wide angle converters, teleconverters, macro lenses and other external lenses; compact Flash (CF), smart media (SM), and xD memory cards and their suitability/performance for these cameras; BLM-1 batteries and cheap no-name alternatives.

There is also information about various external flash units for these cameras such as the Olympus FL-20, FL-50, FL-36, Metz Mecablitz 44-MZ2, 54 MZ-4 (with the SCA-3002 module), Soligor DG-20 DA, DG-34 DA, Promaster 5550, 5750 and 1050DX.

Technical issues such as memory card write speed, high ISO noise, focus, camera reset, flash trigger voltage and many others are addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section as well as in tests, whose results are published in the specific camera sections. More specifically here is an overview of the test results currently hosted on

This site is not supported or endorsed by Olympus Corporation. It is a private website. Your participation in this online community constitutes acceptance of the MyOlympus Terms of Service.