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Daniel Bell 3 Streams Cityscapes & Cubes 13-Jun-2008
Michael Wollen 3, 2, 1....Duck launch Phoenix 16-Mar-2009
Gerald Siegel 3-D image of Balinese Head

Two in One mode via end of Camera menu, stereo effect by use of sliding platform under C 5050. Window light. C 5050 even lines up the images showing boundaries. Nice to fool around. Manfrotto makes a low price slide bar that also is useful as a closeup focus rail for flowers and the like. Experiment. (Can be free viewed by relaxing eyes convergence and fusing the images. Good optical exercise for the computer bound too) Separation of the views is by guesstimate although formulas to interocular and distance to subject. For paired cameras, e mail me and I can direct you to the latest synchronizer for (shh) Sony matched digicams....

Common area 16-Jan-2005
Adrie Hubregtsen 30 pound carp

We call this the pigs of the water

Adrie-OM 25-Jul-2013
Dale Boyce 30% flaps

In Trinidad and Tobago the dragonfly is referred to as Batti mamzelle ( in creole French translates to "crazy lady")

Macro photographs 05-Dec-2010
Andrew Holder 300mm Zuiko with adapter-1st pic.

This is my first picture worth showing, from my 300mm OM Zuiko and adapter, with the new firmware allowing for IS with this lens. If I'm not mistaken it is like a 600mm on a full frame.

Haven't sharpened it at all, so I'd be grateful for comments as to whether the sharpness looks as good as it would with the digital lens of the same length.


Andrew's Photos 05-Jun-2008
Neal Friedenthal 32 pounder

model 1841 32 pounder field howitzer, the largest field gun of the Civil War, in live fire competition

Olympus "e" images 26-May-2014
Bijan Falsafi 33 pol - Esfahan IRAN Various 29-Dec-2008
Hans Gerlich 34 H Gerlich 08-Nov-2008
Phil Battersby 3440 City of Truro

This historic locomotive (first locomotive to haul a train at an average speed of over 100mph) was running on a local railway preservation steam gala.

Recent Photos 06-Jun-2005