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Randall Beaudin 55 Caddy

grill detail of 1955 Cadillac

RanD'Art 03-Sep-2006
Kerland Elder 59th street Bridge Manhattan NY

The 59th street or (Queen's boro) bridge, Takes driver's across the Hudson river from Manhattan to Queen's or visi visa.

rasputtin 28-Apr-2007
Hans Gerlich 6 Weeks After The Big Fire H Gerlich 08-Oct-2009
Hans Gerlich 6 Weeks After The Big Fire (2) H Gerlich 08-Oct-2009
Bruno Nardin 6 years after 1999's Tempest (Ferri?res Forest) DigitalH 02-Jan-2006
John Fronius 6-String Reflections

Fender Telesonic electric guitar with sunlight filtered through window blinds. She plays as sweet as she looks!

Common area 21-May-2005
calin crestin 60 years together

my grandmother at 1 month after death of her husband.They leaving 60 year together.She dies after 1 year.

DIVERSE 20-Aug-2009
David Luna 64 LeSabre dlunateks 16-Jul-2008
Hans Gerlich 7 H Gerlich 07-Sep-2006
Ingrid Matschke 72 Firebird

This car belongs to a friend of ours and I managed to snap a shot of it when he visited briefly the other evening. He's Italian, so of course the car is low, black, 'clean' and goes like the hammers. For the US Pontiac fans you'll notice that it's been converted to RH drive for Aust roads.

Ingrid Matschke 08-Mar-2007