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Kristjan Juusu "seen a lot of TV"

100 meters from home

Historical 22-Feb-2010
Ray and Wendy Photography "snake"

This is a rather unique Australian musical instrument. It can be seen being used in Crocodile Dundee II.

Shot in a home made light box.

Ray+Wendy 18-Mar-2009
Loren Lewis "Spock, prepare for landing"

Moon Sept 9, 2006

Loren's Photos 10-Oct-2006
Neal Friedenthal "Talon"

A friend's hybrid half wolf, "Talon"

Olympus "e" images 21-Jan-2013
Thormod Nordahl "ThumbNail" of Dounreay Tom's Folder 03-Sep-2014
Lee W "What Are You Doing There?"

I could hear these three little kids questioning in their minds when watching me taking pictures.

A graduated ND filter was applied to light up the shadows at the left near field.

Lee's Collections 28-May-2008
Peter French "What's that noise?"

Taken at Abernethy Forest, Loch Garten, Scottish Highlands.

Peter's Birds 04-Feb-2007
Barry Vreyens "Who Me"

Lunch at the humming bird feeder.

Barry's 02-Aug-2007
Gerald Siegel "You talkin' to ME?"

Quantum T 5d on an E-1, thass all folks. Morgen,our indoor pet and friend

Animals 24-Dec-2005
Pedro Afonso #1 Pedro Afonso & E500 13-Jan-2008