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Fonzy - Young Thrush (2) After taking care off this bird for about 4 weeks , hand feeding it , it grow up to a little self supporting bird...
This picture is taken when she returned after we had set her free...
My Birds 2006 04-Jun-2006
Fonzy - Young Thrush (3)

After 5 day's outside she is stilll doing OK, last night when the sun was setting she came for some extra food. She is doing this from day one, 5-6 times a day she comes to the house and wait untill she get some worms, when the evening comes she shows up for the last time. We are trying to give her each time a little bit less extra food, because she needs to find her own . By the size of her she is eating an off I guess..

My Birds 2006 08-Jun-2006
Jozsef nemeth young turtle-dove nemjo 23-Jul-2005
Mark Sayers YPRES (Ieper) Cloth Hall

Looking toward Ypres Cloth Hall from direction of Menin Gate.

Town restored after being destroyed WW1

Mark Sayers 10-Oct-2004
Phil Gardner Ypres Cloth Hall

My son and I really enjoyed visiting the Belgium City of Ypres - this is a view of the Cloth Hall from the Bar Terrace of our Hotel.

Phil's pics 11-Oct-2004
Horacio Di Nunzio Yrigoyen River

One of the most important trout fly-fishing places in Tierra del Fuego. There are lodges and very big trouts...very big...

End of the earth, Tierra del Fuego. Horacio. 08-Apr-2006
Lee W Yukon River Lee's Collections 30-Jul-2008
Karen Jack YUM!

We pulled over at the side of the road to watch some Birds of Prey, there was a dead rabbit at the side of the road, and this little head popped up from behind it. Couldn't make out what it was at first so we pulled the car right up beside where the rabbit was and sat and waited. A few minutes later a beautiful little Stoat appeared and had a real struggle trying to drag the rabbit back to its Warren. After getting the rabbit into the long grass the Stoat started eating and we had the great priviledge of him allowing us to watch. A load of my first shots were all blurred, thought I'd missed a very rare moment, but thankfully sorted out my settings! I've only ever gotten very brief glimpses of Stoats, so this was a very special and maybe once in lifetime moment for me; WOW!!!

Fav Wildlife 27-Oct-2007
SP Chua Z

A building that caught my eys with its clean lines of light & shadows.

Photos 26-Mar-2007
Dietrich Gloger Zabriskie Point - Death Valley, reworked 06

Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, California. Taken september 2005. I thought the subject demanded b/w-conversion due to the strong pattern of rocks.

Didl's Oly C-7070 pics 18-Jun-2006