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Farhad Jafarpour ! C-8080 22-Apr-2005
pamela dempsey ! Cold Nose !

My dog's nose...first test shot using +1, +2 & +4 macro filters combined

Animals 23-Oct-2006
Dido Mihajlov !!! Madrid 21-Jul-2007
Bob Fordice "balance" of nature

Drifting log finds a place to balance on a rock. The icicles seem to hold it in place.

RDF2 08-Jan-2013
Damjan Gosak "BIG" bear

I took this one yesterday, it was a very bad light. But I like it. What do you think?

My photos - olympus 21-Feb-2010
Hans Gerlich "Bruno" H Gerlich 16-Apr-2007
Pedro Afonso "C?ntaro Magro"

Pol cir, Cokin ND121 Grad

Pedro Afonso & E500 24-Nov-2006
Simon Wessel "Che"

Che Guevara Plaza de la Revolucion.

Simon's pics 31-Jan-2007
Pedro Afonso "Cov?o da Nave"

Pol cir & Cokin ND4 Grad

Pedro Afonso & E500 23-Nov-2006
Lee W "Here you go!"

Candid at a busy fruit market. Manual focusing with split screen worked nicely.

Lee's Collections 21-Jul-2007
Vlad Efroimson "I live here" Fred's pictures 02-Nov-2005
Marco Lazzeri "Ichthyosaur"

reminds me of a marine prehistoric reptile. =) this one bit me on the finger and its teeth are razor sharp.

Marco 05-Aug-2006
Phil Battersby "If I have been able to see further"

Small garden beetle (10mm) on White Bell flowers.

Recent Photos 24-May-2005
Neal Friedenthal "JP"

my friend John Peterson at a Living history event, he's been doing this for over 50 years

Olympus "e" images 11-Jun-2013
Dan Grosz "Mona" Sarah

On a fall day in the garden

Common area 31-Oct-2004
Ram?n Palomo "Old Boat" bow. Zuiko 50 mm 1.4 S 30-Jul-2005
Inge Severinsen "Patuxai"

"Patuxai" literally meaning Victory Gate or Gate of Triumph.The monument was built using American funds in the 1960s

Laos "Vientiane" 26-Feb-2012
Fabio Pegasus "Piazza Grande" is prepared for the antique dealing fair Travel 04-Jan-2005
Rocco Zoric "Rojena valo, lipi moj zivote" Croatia 05-Dec-2008
Dirk Guttmann "Rudolfshof" - a restaurant in the Vienna Woods Architecture dirk 13-Aug-2005