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Copyright ©2005, Cristiano Pereira Alves
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Just incense sticks of green tea. Pleas feel free to comment. Thanks

Photographer: Cristiano Pereira Alves
Folder: My new photos
Uploaded: 21-Jan-2005 16:27 CET
Current Rating: 4.00/3
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus C8080
Exposure time: 10/50
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal length:
Focusing method: iESP P-AF
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format:
Processing applied: UCM, Levels
Image resized to: 400x654

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So So

Looks a bit like an old Benetton ad. Would be ok for Stock Photography. Technically the shot looks a bit soft, especially on the left edge. Maybe a tripot would have helped this shot. Otherwise I like the abstract composition.

Herbert Eisengruber at 17:44 CET on 22-Jan-2005 [Reply]


Thank you, I really appreciate the opinion. I used a tripod, I think the problem here is the bad focusing, I was trying to do it on manual but it didn't work. I did a bit of USM but I didn't want to abuse of it. Once again, thanks.

Cristiano Pereira Alves at 19:08 CET on 22-Jan-2005 [Reply]


I really don't like this photo: nothing to tell! Not a picture for a gallery in my opinion. If you went to a paid photo exposition and this is all you could see, would you think that it had worth it for what you paid for? I don't think so. Don't quit, you show here that you can "freeze that moment", just keep it up. Always think before publish: "Would I buy this photo on the street? Even for 20$?" If you say "yes", post it!

Ljuba Popovic at 22:59 CET on 22-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Original comment

It seems you are as original in your comments as in your photos. If you can't handle a critic, don't publish.

Cristiano Pereira Alves at 10:02 CET on 23-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Take it back a notch

Christiano, I think you should relax a bit. This website is not an art gallery, it is for amateurs (and professionals) to share photos. Some photos just capture a moment and are not intended to make $$ in an or go down in history as great pieces of art. Relax, drink a coffee and enjoy the hobby of photogrpahy.

Herbert Eisengruber at 20:28 CET on 23-Jan-2005 [Reply]


It does very little for me. It is in two halves with each one competing with the other. As for wording in photos - a bit of a no no in my book. But of course photography is not just about images that fit into easily understandable categories. It's also about pushing the medium forward, which digital is helping immensly. Still does little for me though. Sorry Cristiano.

Dave Bennett at 21:17 CET on 24-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Thank you

Hi Dave, thank you for spending time filling the comment. I think you really managed to explain by words what I couldn't. I was thinking: "Why is this pict. not working?" And the answer is what you explained: 2 images that compete between them, you just can't fix your eyes in one point. Thanks, you helped me a lot. By the way, thanks for the comment on the other photo, as soon as I finish my exams I'll go back and I'll try to get more of the pier.

Cristiano Pereira Alves at 23:22 CET on 24-Jan-2005 [Reply]