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Singapore business district at night

Singapore business district at night
Copyright ©2005, Alfred Molon
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My version of the Singapore business district (see a similar image of Chips here: )

Photographer: Alfred Molon
Folder: Alfred Molon
Uploaded: 09-Jan-2005 09:47 CET
Current Rating: 9.67/6
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Model release available: 1
Camera: Olympus C8080
Exposure time: 5s
Aperture: F4
Focal length: 82mm
Focusing method: iESP P-AF
ISO: 50
White balance:
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: Panorama shot of three RAW images, assembled with PTGUI
Image resized to: 407x800

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Fantastic, I like this shot!

Dave Hall at 15:26 CET on 09-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Nice one, Alfred

It's interesting to compare this and the Chips shot. I wouldn't want to detract from the other, but the extra light in your shot's sky makes all the difference.

David Bain at 15:28 CET on 09-Jan-2005 [Reply]


Great shot! And so colorful! Is it really unretouched (seems incredible)? What I like most are the water reflections.

Juan Salvatierra at 15:43 CET on 09-Jan-2005 [Reply]

No further processing after RAW conversion

... except for the stitching with PTGUI.

The images are basically the output of the RAW converter, but the RAW converter allows you to do a lot: set the white balance, the exposure, the saturation, the sharpness etc. Shot in JPEG the image wouldn't look like this.

Alfred Molon at 15:51 CET on 09-Jan-2005 [Reply]

amazing shot

What more can I say? Ok--fabulous color, composition, and lighting...

Liz Zoob at 16:03 CET on 09-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Fantastic shot

The colour and detail are very impressive

Al Lewis at 18:28 CET on 09-Jan-2005 [Reply]


Incredible shot! The combination of city lights and water reflections is wonderful.

Katrina Adams at 21:16 CET on 09-Jan-2005 [Reply]

One thought....

You might consider cloning out the tiny bits of tree (?) on the right side of the picture.

Liz Zoob at 02:17 CET on 10-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Check out the one that I took

Selamat L Z H at 03:03 CET on 10-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Cloning away the tree

Good idea!

Admin MyOlympus at 15:31 CET on 10-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Reflections on lens/filter

Excellent shot with almost unreal colour. Agree that the foliage should be removed. There appears to be two areas in the sky (on the thirds) where there are tiny lens reflections (or UFOs!) which could easily be removed.

Dave Bennett at 20:21 CET on 15-Jan-2005 [Reply]


Beautiful, Alfred!!! Its a 2025 Singapur view?? ;)

Miguel Fiallo at 23:55 CET on 15-Jan-2005 [Reply]