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Herbert Lake

Herbert Lake
Copyright ©2004, Gary Hebert
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Banff National Park

Photographer: Gary Hebert
Folder: Common area
Uploaded: 04-Oct-2004 06:12 CEST
Current Rating: 9.50/8
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Model release available: 1
Camera: Olympus C8080
Exposure time: F/8
Aperture: 1/30 sec.
Focal length: 35mm
Focusing method:
ISO: 50
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: Helicon NoiseFilter 70%, Photoshop CS.
Image resized to: 584x900

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Almost too perfect to be true... Did you increase the saturation in post-processing. Impressive how the lake mirrors the surroundings.

Alfred Molon at 11:13 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]

Can I move there???

Wow Gary, can I use this as my desktop background....Webster didn't create a word that describes how beautiful this is....well done!!!

Robert Welsh at 13:53 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]


Thank you Alfred. I believe I did a very small amount (+2 in the camera) and slightly in post-processing. It was one of those moments when the light came out between the clouds. I was waiting and hit the remote. Regards.

Gary Hebert at 15:10 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]

Can I Move There???

Thank you Robert. You certainly can. Glad u like it. Regards.

Gary Hebert at 15:12 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]


I think I swallowed my tounge when i saw this pic....:D Brilliant, excellent...can?t find the words :D BRAVO!!

Ricard Bergstr?m at 18:24 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]

White balance

It's amazing that you get these colours with the auto WB. I know that the 8080 produces a blue cast in auto WB if you shoot at noon, but in the morning or evening the WB choice of the camera seems to be perfect. Which makes me wonder what the right WB setting is for noon sunshine.

By the way, your picture now has a rating of 9.67 - pretty close to a perfect 10.

Admin MyOlympus at 20:17 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]

The Lake .......

This is a wonderfull cristal clear picture and a professional fortune that you could catch it this way !


Dirk Guttmann at 21:14 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]


wish i was there, even without my camera . . .

Stephan Wiesner at 21:17 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]


This is one of the most beautiful images I've seen in a long time. Great job!

Kim Guarnaccia at 06:53 CEST on 08-Oct-2004 [Reply]

UPDATE Oct. 7/04

The picture has been approved by WestJet (2nd largest airline in Canada) to be the cover photo on the November issue of AirLines Magazine, WestJet's sole inflight magazine.

Quite amazing when you consider I just took this shot on August 25th, less than two weeks ago.

Gary Hebert at 07:18 CEST on 08-Oct-2004 [Reply]


It's a wonderful photograph. I wouldn't be surprised to see it wanted by other publications also.

Loren Lewis at 22:58 CEST on 09-Oct-2004 [Reply]


I prefer this to the other similar one. Again very pleasing but I still can't work out why the reflection is not darker. I have tried cropping out the lower 20% and I think that this makes a stronger shot IMO.

Dave Bennett at 00:09 CET on 08-Feb-2005 [Reply]