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View from my window

View from my window
Copyright ©2011, Mike Bywater
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Not everybody has a wonderful view out of the window so I photoshopped this image into an exercise in Lines, angles and texture. I was very pleased with the result although in the recent monthly competition it received one vote!

The picture was genuinely conceived as such before the shot was taken. I could see the repetitive lines and angles and wanted to "flatten" them so that they became the dominant feature rather than the rather drab colours and busy composition of the view in front of me.

Comments and criticism very welcome - I know many people don't like overtly photoshopped images but to me it is a valid way of producing an image.......


Photographer: Mike Bywater
Folder: Mike Bywater's Pics
Uploaded: 18-Jan-2011 23:52 CET
Current Rating: 7.00/3
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E520
Exposure time:
Focal length:
Focusing method:
White balance:
Flash: no
Image format:
Processing applied: Various combinations of gradient map, emboss filter, contrast effects etc.
Image resized to: 535x850

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Nice piece of art

I like it. Well conceived and executed. Personally, I'm something of a purist with photos, and don't like what presents itself as a photo to have been tampered with too much. But to me what you have done here is no different to an artist taking a photo, then producing his own work of art loosely based on it. It doesn't present itself as a photo, but a unique work of art. Well done.

Jim Padget at 20:19 CET on 19-Jan-2011 [Reply]

I like it

I give it an '8'. It's nicely processed and the result is pleasing. You could print this on rough paper and hang it on the wall.
Am a bit surprised that you only received one vote in the competition.

Alfred Molon at 22:07 CET on 20-Jan-2011 [Reply]


Jim, thank you for your thoughtful comments.
Personally, I am not a purist and consider many forms of manipulation to be still a "photograph"
(I do exclude those type of filters and effects that ape styles of painting and drawing - I do use them but don't call the result a photograph!)
As my intention here was pre-visualised and was an attempt bring out the lines, angles and textures I still think it is valid.
It is not like an artist painting from his photo as all the lines and textures were already there in the picture and have not been added to or subtracted from the original.
I am pleased that you have responded with your thoughts as I am trying to ascertain other people's views on photo manipulation!

best wishes


Mike Bywater at 22:26 CET on 20-Jan-2011 [Reply]


Thank you Alfred,
I know you have not suggested it but I must emphasise that I have not put the picture up here in a sour grapes attitude, I am genuinely interested in how other photographers in the group see the validity of manipulation.

I do think we have some superb photographers in the group but I also perceive something almost akin to fear when manipulation comes into play as if too much manipulation will devalue the craft.
Personally, I am delighted to have additional tools that enable me to exercise my imagination in producing images.

Best wishes,

Mike Bywater at 22:36 CET on 20-Jan-2011 [Reply]

Clever and Creative

As the subject line says, I think this is a clever and creative solution to your situation. There is a lot of great texture there and your image really brings it out. I like it.

Scott Law at 05:16 CET on 22-Jan-2011 [Reply]