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John Begin

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self-portrait of John Begin
Nickname: John Begin

Using Olympus since 1978 - OM2 (still have). Since then have used OM1 (traded to get a Mamiya 645), XA2 (twice - still have one), Infinity (still have); IS1000 (traded-in my Mamiya to get this); C1000L (sold on); E100RS (still have); C5050, - died under warranty, couldn't be fixed so Olympus UK gave me a new C7070!!! Sold that to buy an E300. Then sold that to buy the E330 (still using). Now I have an E3 - 30 months after release! A truly marvellous camera. A few lenses - notably the 14-54 Mk1 - FL50 flash plus FL01 bracket. (I've also had a short but sweet fling with the E620 - but when the E3 became available....)

Location: United Kingdom
Created: 07-May-2010
Last Login: 26-Nov-2012 17:40 CET
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