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FAQs about the cameras

Here are some frequently asked questions about the C4040, C5050, C5060, and C8080 cameras. Current version is a simple HTML-document with the contents copied from the Yahoo_405080 FAQs.

Jens Birch 03-Oct-2004

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eyecup for E-300

i use an alternative eyecup fot the E-300

R. Brok
01-Jul-2005 17:17 CEST
FAQs about the cameras Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Olympus Camedia 4040 Zoom, 5050 Zoom, 5060 Wide Zoom, and 8080 Wide Zoom digital cameras. Suggestions for changes or additonal entries can be made by sending a message to Jens Birch Jens Birch
21-Sep-2004 17:03 CEST
What I like about Olympus?

This feature on the "Function Key" allows me to turn Digital TC on and off, while I am recording video. Its effect is simply awesome!

This is a mix of photos and vidoes, all takedn with M5/MkII. Video clip will start at 01:39. This will give you an idea for what the framing looks like, without Digital TC on. Now, fast forward to 1:55 minute mark. This is when I pressed the Fn2 button. See how close I got to?

My clients love this feel!.

Hidden gems - that's what I call!. Don't believe this is documented. For the life of me, I can't figure out how I enabled this! Good news is that this setting survives a "full Reset" :-)

Palani Mohan
26-Dec-2014 04:29 CET
What is AEL, and how is it used?

How and when to use AEL

Liz Zoob
05-Jul-2005 22:06 CEST

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