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Velvet rose

Velvet rose
Copyright ©2007, Ingrid Matschke
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It was nearly dark when I got this shot so the background being black is mostly how it was straight from the camera.

Photographer: Ingrid Matschke
Folder: Ingrid's Flowers
Uploaded: 02-Apr-2007 21:19 CEST
Current Rating: 8.00/2
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E500
Exposure time: 1/160
Aperture: F 4.5
Focal length: 150 mm
Lens: 40 - 150 zoom
Focusing method: Spot
ISO: 125
White balance: Shadows
Flash: internal
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: Removed some clutter from background, cropping, resizing
Image resized to: 700x651

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Very nice shot Ingrid, the deep red velvet colour is captured excellent..


Fonzy - at 22:06 CEST on 02-Apr-2007 [Reply]


The black background is ideal and compliments the subtle colours of the rose nicely.
Cheers Steve

Steve Elliott at 04:01 CEST on 03-Apr-2007 [Reply]


Thanks for your feedback, it's the first time I've actually been able to capture the correct dark velvety look of these roses. I think the evening shadows helped.

Ingrid Matschke at 04:31 CEST on 03-Apr-2007 [Reply]

Velvet Rose


Lovely deep colour, a joy to look at.

Kindest regards: Karen

Karen French at 12:17 CEST on 03-Apr-2007 [Reply]

Velvet Rose:

G'Day Ingrid:

Very-very somber. Technically speaking, it's fine; to me, however, it symbolizes sadness - all too well.


Leon Plympton at 00:46 CEST on 04-Apr-2007 [Reply]


I'm sorry to hear that Leon. That wasn't my intention. It's funny how one simple picture can mean so many different things to so many people.

Ingrid Matschke at 03:33 CEST on 04-Apr-2007 [Reply]

Velvet rose

G'Day Ingrid:

No worries!

Like I said, technically speaking (exposure+focus+color+composition, et al) it's fine. I like it.

It's the combination of the darkness (background+rose petals), along with the two large, noticeable water drops (tears?) on the one petal, they all add up to symbolize a somber tone - to me, anyway, which isn't a bad thing.

Take a photo of a white, or yellow, or pink rose in front of any brightly illuminated background, and more often than not that combination will elicit cheerfulness to most beholders. It's all about symbolism, which affects us all in various ways, frequently subliminally.


Leon Plympton at 22:00 CEST on 04-Apr-2007 [Reply]