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walking on both sides of the looking glass


walking on both sides of the looking glass
Copyright ©2007, Johannes Horn
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this was taken with my new acquisition, the ZD 7-14mm at the new Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) overlooking Boston harbor. It was one of those rare moments when everything seemed to fall into place. I had the right light, good angles and a little child that just loved walking up and down that grating, and then there was this reflection.

I was also in a good mood when I took that picture, there is nothing like confidence to release that shutter just at the right time.

Photographer: Johannes Horn
Folder: Johannes Horn's photos
Uploaded: 17-Feb-2007 10:53 CET
Current Rating: 9.50/2
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E500
Exposure time:
Focal length: 14mm
Lens: ZD 7-14mm, f4.5
Focusing method:
White balance:
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied:
Image resized to: 800x800

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Johannes, this is a great image. I like everything about it, i cannot find a point that could be improved. Oh well, one thing, some distortions...
I can relate to your experience - the mood and confidence - sometimes it just runs smoothly...
Regards Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 13:50 CET on 17-Feb-2007 [Reply]

Thank you Dietrich!

glad you like it and appreciate the feedback. Yes, the distortions... I am looking for a software that will take care of this on the Macintosh. I do work with CS2 and perhaps there is a plug-in you or others could suggest? All in all though the 7-14mm is a phantastic lens. Never owned anything quite like it and if compared with other wide angle lenses, it delivers very few distortions, provided I hold it just right. It does take some getting used to, its sort of like learning to ride a fancy sports car.

Johannes Horn at 14:56 CET on 17-Feb-2007 [Reply]


I know of a plug-in called PTlens. It's free for some 10 trials. It corrects the most important distortions(vertical, horizontal, barrel, etc). Has a lot of lens-profiles included. It also corrects vignetting. I think it's quite a good tool, very simple to use.

Dietrich Gloger at 15:44 CET on 17-Feb-2007 [Reply]

Kekus Digital

thanks once again Dietrich. PTlens works is a good program but it doesn't work with the Mac OS. So I did some research and came found a plugin for CS2: LensFix from Kekus Digital priced at about 40$.

Johannes Horn at 16:35 CET on 17-Feb-2007 [Reply]


sorry about my incoherent English in the above comment, I used the wrong browser and it messed up my corrections...

Johannes Horn at 16:47 CET on 17-Feb-2007 [Reply]


guess what, I checked the image carefully and I messed it up myself... it simply tilts to the left a bit and instead of tilting it back first and then correcting the distortion, I had just pulled on the edges a bit in CS2... I think, I will rework it and post again.

Johannes Horn at 22:24 CET on 17-Feb-2007 [Reply]

The Looking Glass

Hey Johannes, the composition and exposure of your image are spot on. What you have to remember is when you use the ZD 7-14 mm you're distorting the image anyway. I shoot a fair bit of Architectural/interior images and like you, absolutly love the ZD but I don't use it for everything. Only when I want a certain feel. I never understand why anyone would have you 'correct' what you've created. You were inspired to take a beautiful image and was successfull in that. There's where the story should end. Nice work!

Cleveland Aaron at 08:06 CEST on 22-May-2007 [Reply]