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Menacing Death Valley

Menacing Death Valley
Copyright ©2006, Dietrich Gloger
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Ok, I did it: This is heavily photoshopped! I pasted the foreground into a "sky"-image The original shot can as well be seen in my folder, but the sky was just boring.

I took a nice thunderstorm sky from a grandcanyon shot and merged both images. I hope you excuse for this! I just wanted to know how the Death Valley shot would have looked like with a more interesting sky, thats why i tried this. I do not want to deceive anyone. I like the outcome and would be glad to have some feedback...

Photographer: Dietrich Gloger
Folder: Didl's Oly C-7070 pics
Uploaded: 29-Nov-2006 12:43 CET
Current Rating: 9.40/5
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus C7070
Exposure time: 1/45
Aperture: 8.0
Focal length: 70
Focusing method: Manual
ISO: 80
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: Composite of two images: both were turned into bw by desaturation. levels on both for contrast enhancement. Death Valley foreground was selected and pasted into the "sky"image. NR on foreground. Resized.
Image resized to: 575x700

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I already liked the first one...this is amazing!!!

manuel sousa at 19:53 CET on 29-Nov-2006 [Reply]


Thanks Manuel!
Regards, Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 07:45 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


Nigel, Thanks for your comment!

Dietrich Gloger at 07:47 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


Don't worry. The result you have achieved here is so good, that it justifies all the means you have used to attain it. Despite some manipulation it looks perfectly natural and that alone is one of the highest goals in many forms of art.
Very well done. Regards, pekka.

Pekka Nihtinen at 11:41 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


Pekka, thank you very much for your kind words! I feel better now... no bad conscience anymore ;-)
Regards, Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 12:17 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


quite a convincing image and nicely converted, the foreground maybe a little bright in relation to the stormy clouds in the background, but you have achieved a dramatic overall effect that works well.
Cheers Steve

Steve Elliott at 20:33 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


Thanks Steve! You are right about the foreground, it is indeed a bit bright. I will probably play around with the image to make it more "homogenic".
Regards, Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 23:01 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


... i meant "homogenous" . Sorry.

Dietrich Gloger at 23:02 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


ok, this time it was a typo. i am crazy. i will go to bed now.
:-). Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 23:11 CET on 30-Nov-2006 [Reply]


Nothing wrong with Photoshop. The problem is knowing when to stop when the result begins to look like it has been manipulated.
I agree to a certain extent about the foreground but at least it gives a good bit of contrast to the tonal range. If you want to see if it is too light just invert the image. Works every time!

Dave Bennett at 22:23 CET on 01-Dec-2006 [Reply]


Thanks for the feedback. I already tried darkening the foreground by various means, also used the burning tool. It looks better now. I will eventually update the file. The transition between foreground and sky is also a bit better in the new image.
Thanks again, Dave!
Regards Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 09:23 CET on 02-Dec-2006 [Reply]


Congratulations Dietrich for your top image..
The stormy sky looks well, a well done job in the digital laboratory, but in my opinion the foreground is so wonderful, that if you leave only this part, still the image is spectacular, for me looks like the finger of the earth !!. Best regards, Ricardo

Ricardo Rico at 00:18 CET on 03-Dec-2006 [Reply]


Thanks very much for your feedback! In fact there is a "foreground-only" image in my folder, but I thought that the strong foreground needs some action in the sky as well for better balance.
Regards, Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 16:58 CET on 04-Dec-2006 [Reply]