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Foggy morning

Foggy morning
Copyright ©2006, Dietrich Gloger
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A foggy morning in Lobau - Vienna

Photographer: Dietrich Gloger
Folder: Didl's Oly C-7070 pics
Uploaded: 24-Oct-2006 09:41 CEST
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Camera: Olympus C7070
Exposure time: 1/8sec
Aperture: 5.0
Focal length: 110
Focusing method: Manual
ISO: 80
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: Shot taken a few minutes before sunrise. The image was too dark and i had to brighten it in the raw-converter, and it became very noisy. I recuced the noise with noise ninja, and turned the saturation up a bit. Now it looks like something processed by a photoshop plug-in, but this artsy look was not planned. However, i like the outcome.
Image resized to: 650x486

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Thanks Ole! I was a bit unsure if this artificial look would appeal to others, but it seems to work :-). Thanks,

Dietrich Gloger at 10:05 CEST on 24-Oct-2006 [Reply]


I certainly wouldn't call the colors artificial looking; you just caught a beautiful moment in time. I would say the colors have a Monet like palette, which I mean in a very good way.


Jim Sabatke at 14:10 CEST on 24-Oct-2006 [Reply]


Jim, thanks for your encouraging feedback!
Regards, Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 19:42 CEST on 24-Oct-2006 [Reply]


Wonderful colours and texture. Well done


David Hall at 08:13 CEST on 25-Oct-2006 [Reply]


A pleasant atmosphere. Good the use of the colours. Regards Sergio

Sergio Di Giovanni at 08:30 CEST on 25-Oct-2006 [Reply]


Thanks for the comments! I am glad you like it.

Dietrich Gloger at 12:04 CEST on 25-Oct-2006 [Reply]

manual focus ?

I like many of your photos.

You use always manual focus.
Do you really manual focus every time
or is it in your memory put to 2 m or something?

I bought c7070 last week
and now I have great problems with AF.
Especially in Macro mode.

ilmari rautio at 06:46 CEST on 26-Oct-2006 [Reply]

Manual focus

Thanks ilmari! Yes i use manual focus on purpose because the AF of the C-7070 is not very reliable especially when the light is dim. For non-macro shots is set the focus distance on the "hyperfocal" distance. Then everything in the image is sharp from a certain point towards infinity (see for explanations or go to this site: With a pre-set manual focus you can shoot faster and dont have to worry whether the auto-focus will hit or not. For macro shots, i also use manual focus. If you use auto-focus the the better the light is the more likely the focus will hit. Therefore, i sometimes use a flashlight for auto-focussing and then turn it of to make the picture.
I hope this helps,
Regards, Dietrich

Dietrich Gloger at 07:21 CEST on 26-Oct-2006 [Reply]

viewfinder ?

thank you for the tips!
These sites are very informatives.
I have taken the idea of Wrotniak to use myMODEs
for manual focus. It works.
Your idea of using flash for focusing
didn't help me.
Perhaps I didn't understand something...

I hade two reason to buy 7070:
RAW (writing time much better than in 8080)
and optical viewfinder.
I knew the viewfinder isn't good
but that it's so bad I couldn't suspect.
I'am now a disappointed owner of 7070.

But very happy to see You can take
fine photos with this machine.

ilmari rautio at 11:45 CEST on 26-Oct-2006 [Reply]