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I'll have a shave and a haircut, please.

I'll have a shave and a haircut, please.
Copyright ©2004, Loren Lewis
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Another little cutie I found around the house.

Photographer: Loren Lewis
Folder: Loren's Photos
Uploaded: 27-Sep-2004 20:36 CEST
Current Rating: 8.20/5
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus C5050
Exposure time: 100
Aperture: f8
Focal length: 21.3mm
Focusing method:
ISO: 64
White balance: Auto
Flash: internal
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: Gamma, brightness, crop.
Image resized to: 561x800

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This - YOUR spider is really something

wondrfull shot ! this spider looks transparent !? How big is this monster in meters ?

greatings dirk

Dirk Guttmann at 21:04 CEST on 27-Sep-2004 [Reply]

Spider for hair cut ............

wonderfull ! and I missed to give it 7 points Dirk

Dirk Guttmann at 21:06 CEST on 27-Sep-2004 [Reply]

I'll have a shave....

This little guy is actually only about 5 mm long.

Loren Lewis at 21:11 CEST on 27-Sep-2004 [Reply]


Excellent, how do you make this shot?

Peter Pollack at 08:02 CEST on 28-Sep-2004 [Reply]

I'll have a shave....

I used a technique Jens Birch taught me. Required acquiring/disassembling a particular SLR zoom lens to get to the achromatic triplex deep inside and using that triplex as an add-on. Onboard flash was diffused through a styrofoam cup, also learned from Jens.

Loren Lewis at 14:38 CEST on 28-Sep-2004 [Reply]

Depth of field

You could try to reshoot the image with more depth of field. Unfortunately the 5050 only goes down to F8. Shooting at wideangle would probably also have improved the situation, but the spider would have become smaller. I wonder if there is an auxiliary lens which allows you to take macro shots with good depth of field.

Admin MyOlympus at 18:12 CEST on 28-Sep-2004 [Reply]

I'll have a shave....

Thank you for your suggestion. I'm working on exactly that and I hope to have the narrow DOF improved in the near future.

Loren Lewis at 20:59 CEST on 28-Sep-2004 [Reply]

great shot

I know a barber....just in case. Incredible detail!!!

Robert Welsh at 22:02 CEST on 04-Oct-2004 [Reply]

DOF determined by magnification and aperture...

..not the focal length. If you want to take a similar picture with a shorter focal length, you will have to get closer and end up with the same DOF. The only thing to do to increase the DOF is using a smaller aperture., Cheers, Jens.

Jens Birch at 14:06 CEST on 17-Oct-2004 [Reply]


a great picture Loren!

Yours, Jens.

Jens Birch at 14:07 CEST on 17-Oct-2004 [Reply]

DOF and Aperature

Thank you Jens. Btw I just noticed an error on this page re: aperature. The actual aperature was not F6 (as I just noticed that I had at originally listed here) but F8.

Loren Lewis at 15:01 CEST on 17-Oct-2004 [Reply]

Strange spider

Did you ask it to grimace for the camera.

Phil Battersby at 21:42 CEST on 19-May-2005 [Reply]