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The Six Suitors

The Six Suitors
Copyright ©2006, Kort Kramer
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This one is from my FL garden. We have a bunch of Amaryllis Minervas (Hippeastrum) growing in a pot, and they flower twice a year if we are lucky. The blooms are huge, so I was able to get the camera in there and get a close-up of the seven stamen with the stigma blurred out in the foreground. At the tips of the stamen are the anthers, and they are covered in pollen, as you can see. Aaaaachoo!

Photographer: Kort Kramer
Folder: natur
Uploaded: 24-May-2006 16:20 CEST
Model release available:
Camera: Olympus C8080
Exposure time:
Focal length:
Focusing method: iESP
ISO: 50
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: The usual Photoshop enhancments, plus added a border.
Various: The scientific name Amaryllis is taken from a shepherdess in one of Virgil's pastorals, and means any young rustic maiden. It is sometimes given as a girls' name in modern times. Amaryllis is a monotypic genus of plant containing one species only, the Belladonna Lily (Amaryllis belladonna), a native of South Africa. Hippeastrum is the true genus of this flower.
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