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Rodin #2

Rodin #2
Copyright ©2006, Jim Sabatke
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Photographer: Jim Sabatke
Folder: Jim's Denmark, Poland and Slovakia
Uploaded: 20-Feb-2006 21:34 CET
Model release available:
Camera: Olympus C4000
Exposure time:
Focal length:
Focusing method: iESP
White balance:
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: gimp, UFRaw, contrast adjustments, slight color adjustments, sharpening, resizing, cropping
Various: The last one, I promise! LOL
Image resized to: 520x340

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Shelley O'Connell wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> I can certainly tell that you like Rodin! You would go crazy at the museum in Paris where
> he had his atelier. Also the work of his lover, Camille Claudel is amazing too.
> I generally don't like photos of artwork but as souvenirs I think they are nice.
> With your photoshop skills I think I would definitely do a gaussian blur of the backgrounds
> of these photos.
> Also if you do go back I might think about another perspective to take these from or a variety
> of them. Mind you Rodin often has his figures in weird/different positions ;-) so I guess
> each statue from straight on has a different perspective.

Actually, I think that blurring would work really well. I agree about photographing artwork, the piece itself IS the art. I did try a different angle with #3, and I think it worked really well. The only other artwork I really wanted to photograph, but couldn't, was closeup detail on how Monet painted some of his pieces.

And yes, I do like Rodin! These were difficult to process because it was very brightly lit through a skylight, and most of the pieces sparkled quite a bit. It made for difficult dynamic ranges and keeping proper contrast and detail.

Thanks for your comments!

> Looks like you have some nice photo souvenirs of this museum.
> Regards,
> Shelley

Jim Sabatke at 22:46 CET on 20-Feb-2006 [Reply]