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Look - Deep into my eyes...

Look - Deep into my eyes...
Copyright ©2005, Jens Birch
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I just wanted to share this strange encounter of the face of a dragonfly - it is, after all, dragonfly-time now :-)

It was taken with a Zuiko 35 mm/2.8 lens mounted on a Vivitar 6-elements Macro-tele converter. Everything manual except the FL-20 which was in TTL mode.

Cheers, Jens.
Photographer: Jens Birch
Folder: Jens' Macro
Uploaded: 21-Aug-2005 20:33 CEST
Current Rating: 9.00/3
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E1
Exposure time: 1/160 sec
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 70mm (140)
Lens: Zuiko 35mm/2.8+Vivitar 2x conv
Focusing method: Manual
ISO: 200
White balance: Auto
Flash: external
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied:
Image resized to: 687x916

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This is a realy close-up Jens, how did you managed to get so extremely close to the dragonfly.The lens you referring to is that an OM , did you use an 4/3 adapter to connect the Vivitar?

Fonzy - at 21:05 CEST on 21-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Great shot Jens....

Bevellee Bryceson at 22:23 CEST on 21-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Incredible shot here Jens. What I like most about your style of shooting, is how everything is so well calculated and with that you alway's seem to bring out the most intricate details in these little creatures together with very pleasing colors. this surely could be a collector's item, as always, well done.

Kerland Elder at 02:01 CEST on 22-Aug-2005 [Reply]


to get close to insects, I use thesame technique as for birds; observe them and learn their behaviour. This dragonfly was always coming back to the same 2-3 plants to rest so I just slowly sneaked up to them and waited.

Both the lens and the Vivitar are with OM mount so they go together and I used the 4/3-adapter to connect them to the camera.

Cheers, Jens.

Jens Birch at 03:41 CEST on 22-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Jens for telling me how you could make this shot "look- Deep in to my eyes" I know these insect always return to the same spot, but getting that close is realy special....Compliments again.. As I know the replay does not work I have send it by mail also.... Best regards,

Fonzy - at 14:00 CEST on 22-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Perfect macro !

Sergio Di Giovanni at 14:28 CEST on 22-Aug-2005 [Reply]


This is probably the best what you can achieve with state of the art equipment ! It is an impressive foto with good colours, light and well set DOF Jens - even there seems to be no way arround to avoid his reflections from the flash !

What was the distance Lens - subject, with this lens setup Jens ? regards

Dirk Guttmann at 20:58 CEST on 22-Aug-2005 [Reply]


thanks for the nice comment.

The front lens element -> subject distance was ~10 cm. Thanks to very good lenses and a not too small aperture (limiting diffraction), it was possible to show you a 1:1 crop with maintained sharpness.

The reflections on top of the eyes are from the flash, the one to the right is from the sun. In fact a polarizing filter on the lens can prove a very effective way of avoiding a lot of the reflections in the eyes. If, in addition another polarizer is placed in front of the flash and turned perpendicular to the one on the camera, it can almost totally eliminate flash reflections. However, those kind of games are for calm and quiet situations, not so much for this kind of 'wildlife' where there is no time to experiment.

Cheers, Jens.

Jens Birch at 21:52 CEST on 22-Aug-2005 [Reply]


10 cm is an incredible good working distance for macro schots with insects and it explains also the soft light spread in this exposure (beside the reflexions which i did not realized have 2 sources). Thank you for sharing your expertiese Jens

Dirk Guttmann at 23:58 CEST on 22-Aug-2005 [Reply]