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Copyright ©2014, Greg Mennegar
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Photographer: Greg Mennegar
Folder: OM-D E-M1
Uploaded: 19-Jul-2014 00:40 CEST
Current Rating: 9.40/5
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Model release available: 1
Camera: Olympus AGING
Exposure time: 1/125 s
Aperture: F4.5
Focal length: 45 mm
Lens: Zuiko 12-60
Focusing method: Spot
ISO: 200
White balance: Custom
Flash: external
Image format: RAW
Processing applied:
Image resized to: 800x533

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Well done, as usual. How would you rate the E-M1 for portrait photography compared to the previous Oly cameras you've been using?

Alfred Molon at 10:44 CEST on 19-Jul-2014 [Reply]


Alfred Molon wrote:
> Well done, as usual. How would you rate the E-M1 for portrait photography compared to the
> previous Oly cameras you've been using?

Thank you for the kind words. This was my first studio session with the E-M1, so I'm not sure I'm ready to make a comparison to my trusty e-30 and e-3 yet. Here are some first impressions though, with the MMF-3 adapter and latest firmware, my 4/3 lenses AF worked _almost_ as well as they did on my previous bodies. I keep the lights off when doing studio shoots, so the only available light is from modeling lamps and a small halogen light I use to keep the model's pupils constricted. I used the Sigma 18-50 f2.8 zoom primarily on this shoot and there were a couple of times where it hunted or struggled to get a focus lock, but overall it performed very well. I tried using some OM legacy lenses, but was having some issues with the camera (my lack of familiarity with the settings) and moved on from that. I didn't notice a huge difference in image quality. At this point I would say I like the e-3 or e-30 slightly more than the E-M1 for studio work, primarily because the AF works a little better. I have a feeling that opinion will change as I become more familiar with the E-M1.

Where the E-M1 really shines is for EVERYTHING else. The ability to shoot at much higher ISO (I've taken usable shots at 6400 ISO!), the improved dynamic range (now I don't have blown highlights in every outdoor shot), and the EVF, which allows me to use my older OM lenses with confidence. I haven't bought any m4/3 lenses yet, so the AF issues are due mainly to my desire to want to continue to use my 4/3 lenses. I'm sure the m4/3 lenses have better AF. Using the OM lenses allows me to make some great images with a really small kit (although I did put a battery grip on the E-M1 right away). I resisted buying the E-M1 for a long time because of the small size, the price, and the fact that Olympus hadn't really worked out the issue of AF with legacy 4/3 lenses. I'm glad I waited until they were able to address the AF issue with the latest firmware, and I'm glad I bought it. I'm very happy with it so far, it has greatly exceeded my expectations.

Greg Mennegar at 17:02 CEST on 19-Jul-2014 [Reply]