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Lindsey 1

Lindsey 1
Copyright ©2014, Greg Mennegar
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Photographer: Greg Mennegar
Folder: e-30 Shots
Uploaded: 17-Mar-2014 14:44 CET
Current Rating: 9.50/2
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Model release available: 1
Camera: Olympus E-30
Exposure time: 1/250 s
Aperture: F5
Focal length: 25 mm
Focusing method: Spot
ISO: 100
White balance: Custom
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied:
Image resized to: 800x533

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Nice shot. What lighting did you use?

Alfred Molon at 20:35 CEST on 22-May-2014 [Reply]


Alfred Molon wrote:
> Nice shot. What lighting did you use?
Thanks for the kind words Alfred :)

I don't remember exactly, but for certain I had two strip lights, one on each side of her and judging by the catchlights in her eyes, the main light was a 30" X 60" softbox camera left (her right) with a grid and either an umbrella or beauty dish camera right. I believe I was also using a small 24" square softbox on a boom just out of the frame above and beside her on camera right as a hair light.

Greg Mennegar at 03:03 CEST on 23-May-2014 [Reply]