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Copyright ©2012, Ramon Nayar
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Another child from the Hope for Life: Kenya mission trip segment. I had to fight my own tears capturing this image. Oddly enough, this child has a damaged tear duct, so no matter what emotion he may actually be feeling, he simply can't control the tears of his left eye from falling every now and then. Not pictured, his laugh that can light up the darkest of days...

Photographer: Ramon Nayar
Folder: ISO give
Uploaded: 06-Jul-2012 23:04 CEST
Current Rating: 9.33/3
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E-3
Exposure time: 1/200 s
Aperture: F5.6
Focal length: 83 mm
Lens: Zuiko 35-100mm f/2.0
Focusing method:
ISO: 320
White balance:
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: I chose B&W for this image to place emphasis on his expression above all else. The way he was holding onto that wooden post was symbolic of how all of the children in this seem to be unconditionally holding onto their faith.
Image resized to: 900x1200

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I find commenting difficult on this other than very well done.

Mike Bywater at 00:08 CEST on 08-Jul-2012 [Reply]

Thank you

Thank you. Sometimes, there less words and more emotions or ideas that don't have words to reflect what may come to mind, or even to one's heart. I am grateful to share these images to raise awareness on things we may not otherwise see or notice.

Kind Regards

Mike Bywater wrote:
> I find commenting difficult on this other than very well done.

Ramon Nayar at 01:17 CEST on 08-Jul-2012 [Reply]


Fantastic image! Great emotion, I love the contrast of the B/W.

Greg Mennegar at 18:38 CEST on 13-Jul-2012 [Reply]

Beautiful child

I love this photograph. You have captured a beautiful child. Great eye contact. It is the kind of image that can motivate one to reach out and make a difference in the world. Thank you for posting.

Louis Fry at 06:48 CEST on 16-Jul-2012 [Reply]