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Histria (ancient city)

Histria (ancient city)
Copyright ©2011, Olav Agnar Frogner
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Archaeological evidence seems to confirm that all trade with the interior followed the foundation of Histria. Traders reached the interior via Histria and the Danube valley, demonstrated by finds of Attic black-figure pottery, coins, ornamental objects, an Ionian lebes and many fragments of amphoras. Amphoras have been found in great quantity at Histria, some imported but some local. Local pottery was produced following establishment of the colony and certainly before mid-6th century. During the archaic and classical periods, when Histria flourished, it was situated near fertile arable land. It served as a port of trade soon after its establishment, with fishing and agriculture as additional sources of income. By 100 AD, however, fishing was almost the sole remaining source of Istrian revenue.


Photographer: Olav Agnar Frogner
Folder: Danube Delta
Uploaded: 12-Oct-2011 13:00 CEST
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Camera: Olympus E-3
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Thank You Again


Again I must say Thank You for sharing this shot...Here is a work that took considerable time to create and with technology you're able to share it almost instantly!

Nyal Cammack at 05:29 CEST on 13-Oct-2011 [Reply]

Thank you Nyal.

Yes it is really fun to share this so effective and fast in the forum.
The Danube delta was interesting.
Thank you.

Olav Agnar Frogner at 18:49 CEST on 13-Oct-2011 [Reply]