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Almost last E-620 shot


Almost last E-620 shot
Copyright ©2011, Jim Padget
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I was standing about 5 metres above the ocean on a totally dry rock, taking photos of the waves. I saw this one coming in, and as I pressed the shutter, realized that it was a "freak wave" - you can tell by the clear green in the lower left. Pressed the shutter, then spun around to put my back to it and find a place to land if I got knocked off the rock. Fortunately didn't get knocked off, just got myself and camera soaked in seawater. Ran to where my wife was, switching off the camera as I ran. She was ready with fresh water, which we poured all over the camera. Then dropped out the battery and cards. XD card came out wet. Water ran out of lens, and there were drops near, but not on, the sensor. Hiked back to civilization, bought 5 kg of rice and buried the camera (with lens on, but card door open and facing down) for three days. Powered up, and all is fine! Still working, and hope it will for a long time.

Photographer: Jim Padget
Folder: Jim's Photos
Uploaded: 19-Jan-2011 20:36 CET
Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E620
Exposure time: 1/80
Aperture: f8
Focal length: 28
Lens: 14-42
Focusing method:
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: HQ
Processing applied: Resized
Image resized to: 600x800

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Wow, good story! Glad the camera survived (and you of course!)


Mike Bywater at 21:44 CET on 20-Jan-2011 [Reply]


Thanks Mike, It was a bit too exciting for a while!

Jim Padget at 23:11 CET on 20-Jan-2011 [Reply]


Thank you for sharing with us the report of this strange thing that happened to you.
Fortunately, that day, you were "the lucky man"...

Regards, Victor

Victor Biefnot at 15:35 CET on 21-Jan-2011 [Reply]