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Behind the veil

Behind the veil
Copyright ©2010, Domagoj Zaric
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Photographer: Domagoj Zaric
Folder: Zax's Images
Uploaded: 09-Jan-2010 17:43 CET
Current Rating: 8.20/5
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E1
Exposure time: 1/160
Aperture: f8
Focal length:
Lens: ZD 14-54mm
Focusing method: iESP
ISO: 100
White balance: Daylight
Flash: external
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: LR2+Portraiture
Image resized to: 572x800

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I like the picture a lot, the only critic that I have is: you should crop about two centimeters on the bottom, so that the viewers eye would be drawn more to the face (option Nr.:1), or shown more on the bottom to see more body (option Nr:2).

Damjan Gosak at 19:18 CET on 09-Jan-2010 [Reply]

Good shot!

I like it a lot. The perfect focus on the eyes give a perfect portrait. However I agree on the need of cropping somewhat the bottom side to avoid deviating the attention from the face-eyes.
My sincere congratulations.

Jes Consuegra at 01:30 CET on 10-Jan-2010 [Reply]

Lovely portrait

I like the lighting and colors a lot. I disagree with the other comments about the composition. Where it is cropped now you see just the faintest hint of the top of the model's breast and it adds a very subtle bit of sensuality to the image.

Greg Mennegar at 07:19 CET on 10-Jan-2010 [Reply]


Just curious how the lighting was set up (because there is no shadow behind the model). Was there a light source behind the model and one in front? Strobes or flash?

The composition is ok in my opinion. Is the model Asian?

Alfred Molon at 09:12 CET on 10-Jan-2010 [Reply]


I'm glad You've liked the photo. No, model is not Asian although many people say she has Asian eyes. :)
I've lit this with two studio strobes. One (front 45 deg. right) with 24" soft-box in eyes level and other with standard reflector behind left at aprox. 7ft. You can see highlight on her right shoulder and the veil. Vignetting was added in LR2.

Domagoj Zaric at 11:54 CET on 11-Jan-2010 [Reply]


I like this a lot.
I understand that the model is not Asian but the pose suggests the Muslim wish to hide the "person" yet there is tension because it also shows (and perhaps suggests more of) the model's upper body.
I wouldn't be surprised if this was offensive to people of that religion, hense the tension, yet I find it beautiful and appreciate the "opposites" you have illustrated here

Mike Bywater at 01:02 CET on 18-Jan-2010 [Reply]