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Waiting at the Airport


Waiting at the Airport
Copyright ©2009, Ron Plasencia
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I hate waiting around! Having to arrive 2-3 hours early at airports just kills me. So, with E-3 in hand, I restlessly wandered around the McGhee-Tyson Airport in Knoxville, TN and came across this amazing scene of the lone chair bathed in light and surrounded by shadows.

Photographer: Ron Plasencia
Folder: 0 - E-3 Examples
Uploaded: 20-Jan-2009 15:25 CET
Current Rating: 7.80/5
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E3
Exposure time: 1/60
Aperture: f/7.1
Focal length: 54mm
Lens: 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 Zuiko Digital
Focusing method: Manual
ISO: 100
White balance: Daylight
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: color corrected; minimal cropping, 7% bump to black/shadows
Image resized to: 517x792

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Nice shot Ron.
If it had been me, I would have cloned out the small oblong thing on the bottom right tile.

Dave Hall at 11:09 CET on 22-Jan-2009 [Reply]


I tried that, but my PhotoShop skills leave a little ( a lot!) to be desired. It just never looked right to me after cloning. By the way, it is an electric outlet.

Thanks for commenting!

Ron Plasencia at 12:22 CET on 22-Jan-2009 [Reply]


Love the shot. Do you ever get bothered by the security folks? I've been tempted to do the same thing, but chicken out.


Katrina Adams at 03:05 CET on 23-Jan-2009 [Reply]


Like it, especially the composition, shadows and colour combine well.

Val Bridge at 12:41 CET on 24-Jan-2009 [Reply]


Nice composition !

Sergio Di Giovanni at 23:00 CET on 24-Jan-2009 [Reply]

OK OK, so I'm still learning!

Dave, I decided to take your advice as well as others that have made the same suggestion. So I contacted a fellow photog that knows his PS and he showed me some tips. I have now removed that nasty ol' outlet and the wall is now blemish free! Thanks for taking time to comment on my image! Ron

Ron Plasencia at 04:09 CET on 27-Jan-2009 [Reply]