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Pristine Rose Bud

Pristine Rose Bud
Copyright ©2008, Mohawk Photography
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I took some snaps of my roses to test my experiment in rigging the Kiron macro lens for Canon FD mount to work on the Olympus 4/3 mount.

I lose focusing to infinity but it's a macro lense anyway. I can focus on the largest blooms in my garden and get them in the frame just the way I like.

I'm really glad I didn't sell this lense when it was listed on eBay.

Some folks complain about the dynamic range of the Olympus E500 and other models but from what I've seen I think they're doing what they're suppose to.

My camera has been made to see things like my own eyes do with the added advantage of being able to selectively focus with wider maximum apertures.

I don't know how it displays on everyone else's monitor but what I see is so clear and lifelike it's like I can reach out and touch it. I have yet to see anything like that from Canon or Nikon.

Photographer: Kevin Dude
Folder: My Flowershots
Uploaded: 07-Jun-2008 02:10 CEST
Model release available: 1
Camera: Olympus E500
Exposure time: 1/320
Aperture: 5.6
Focal length: 105mm (210)
Lens: Kiron 105mm Macro
Focusing method: Manual
ISO: 100
White balance: Daylight
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: Resizing, Resharpening, cloned out some fuzz from a cottonwood seed, took out a little bit of yellow to bring back the pink of the bloom.
Image resized to: 768x576

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