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E-420 - Fountain Creek, Colorado Springs

E-420 - Fountain Creek, Colorado Springs
Copyright ©2008, Bruce Thomas
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This is the new Olympus E-420 and 14-42mm Kit Lens on tripod with Polarizer and one ND filter. Notice in the upper right you can see the filter holder. You do not see the filter holder in the optical viewfinder. You must remember to zoom out a mm to 15mm (instead of the min 14mm) in order to not to see the filter holder (this does NOT happen on the older 14-45mm Kit lens). As you can see, this one is much better than previous attempts to use Polar + ND filters. It sems you must increase exposure a BUNCH to compensate for the filtration which appears to trick the meter. This one is at +1.3 stops!! Once you add the exposure, color balance comes back to a more natural color. It's still "too amber". "Amber" is one of the new WB adjustments on the E-420. I have set the "Amber" to -2 globally. Without filters, this works pretty well for outdoor AUTO WB shots. Looks like _with_ filters, "Amber" can be set to -3 or even -4...

Photographer: Bruce Thomas
Folder: Bruce Thomas
Uploaded: 16-May-2008 01:12 CEST
Current Rating: 8.50/2
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E410
Exposure time:
Aperture: 22.0
Focal length: 14mm
Lens: 14-42mm Kit Lens
Focusing method: iESP
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format:
Processing applied:
Image resized to: 606x800

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Nice photo. Thanks for all the info. I have the same problem with my E410 + 14-42mm lens when I use two filters at once. If you only use one filter you don't get the holder in your shot.

David Luna at 14:07 CEST on 16-May-2008 [Reply]


Hi Bruce
Very nice; not a wow image, but everything is very well done, except the vignetting of couse.

manuel sousa at 21:58 CEST on 16-May-2008 [Reply]


Did You also have a UV filter?
Just wondering

Denny Giacobe at 02:52 CEST on 18-May-2008 [Reply]


Hello Danny...

No, no UV, this is the Cokin Holder you see...

The Holder has the Polarizer, and (2) ND filters in it, but it's the filter holder itself you are actually seeing.

Same exact holder in the older 14-45mm kit lens does NOT show...

Bruce Thomas at 05:13 CEST on 18-May-2008 [Reply]


I have the same holder and it does the same thing
on that lens when I use it in the widest setting.
Here is a sample, I used a Coken coffee and a polarizer filter.

Denny Giacobe at 12:59 CEST on 18-May-2008 [Reply]