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Forget Me Nots

Forget Me Nots
Copyright ©2008, Mohawk Photography
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I'm told these are called forget me nots. These were in the Ellwanger Gardens in Rochester, NY that I visited this past weekend.

I used an Olympus OM 135mm f3.5 with extension tubes. These are very small blossoms and it was hard to get a non blurry picture. The wind blew these around quite easily.


I took about 30 shots before I got one that I could show.

That is pollen sprinkled on the petals.

Photographer: Kevin Dude
Folder: My Flowershots
Uploaded: 15-May-2008 18:27 CEST
Current Rating: 9.00/1
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Model release available: 1
Camera: Olympus E500
Exposure time: 1/160
Aperture: 11
Focal length: 135mm (270)
Lens: Olympus OM 135mm f3.5 & Tubes
Focusing method: Manual
ISO: 100
White balance: Daylight
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: Slight crop from original. Resizing and resharpening. I use Olympus Master 2.0 now for most adjustments and PaintShop Pro XI for small/ fine tune adjustments.
Image resized to: 768x1024

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Kirons and Tubes

Thank you for your compliments.

I do have a Kiron 105 but it's for Canon FD and I have no Canon digital.

I've tried to sell it but no one wants to buy it for a fair price.

I can use it on an Eos body with one of two adapters. One allows infinity focus but adds an inferior lense element and degrades the image. The other adapter allows only close focusing/macro work and does not degrade the image. But I can only shoot 35mm film.

Does anyone use film anymore?

I use to sell Kiron lenses. I sold so many that I received 10 free lenses and I even gave some away. I would love to have the Kiron in OM but can not find one that is affordable and in good condition.

I do have the Olympus OM 50 3.5 macro but I like the images I'm getting with the 135mm 3.5 much more. I have more working distance and can hold the setup steadier.

All my pictures here have been without the use of a tripod.

The tubes I use are ones I purchased on Ebay for the 4/3 mount. I use the OM lens>4/3 adapter>tubes for 4/3>E500.
I have the OM 25 tube and use that with them at times.

Kevin Dude at 00:01 CEST on 16-May-2008 [Reply]