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Hot morning on the beach, Semaphore Pk, Sth Aust

Hot morning on the beach, Semaphore Pk, Sth Aust
Copyright ©2007, Ingrid Matschke
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This shot was taken this morning at about 9am and it was 30 degrees. It has now hit 40 degrees and we're expecting 41 tomorrow. Just thought I'd post this for all you people in the northern winter who are freezing your butts off ...... The authorities are worried that there are going to be major bushfires if any fireworks displays get out of hand tomorrow night with NYE celebrations as we've had a week of temperatures over 30 degrees.

Photographer: Ingrid Matschke
Folder: Ingrid Matschke
Uploaded: 30-Dec-2007 07:36 CET
Current Rating: 9.00/2
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E3
Exposure time: 1/200
Aperture: F8
Focal length: 12mm
Lens: 12-60
Focusing method: iESP
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: Lightened shadows, straightened horizon, cropping, resizing.
Various: Hoya Pro 1 D Cir Pol filter used.
Image resized to: 600x800

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you know that's not nice what you just

we're freezing here and swimming in snow and you're talking about 30 and 40

Nice capture

Rina Kupfer at 18:38 CET on 30-Dec-2007 [Reply]


Nice capture Ingrid of these clouds formation above this sunny beach down under...
As we here in Holland have almost freezing temperatures it's hard to believe you are having a suntan.....;-))
Best wishes and a good ride in to the New Year....

Fonzy - at 20:15 CET on 30-Dec-2007 [Reply]


Thanks Fons and Rina, I think it's gone way past the suntan stage, it's more like skin cancer! They've revised our forecast for today, now it's going to be 43!! We have near years eve planned for sitting on the beach in the sunset eating a picnic dinner (but it will probably be too hot). Happy new year to you all.

Ingrid Matschke at 21:27 CET on 30-Dec-2007 [Reply]


Hi Ingrid - nice picture. My weather report is that in North Wales, we have had it unseasonably hot. One day this week it allmost reached 11'C. We have had a lot of heavy rain of late, and have some spare if you want it. - Mike

Mike Babson at 22:16 CET on 30-Dec-2007 [Reply]

better than our NYE

Ingrid, Wow, does that look inviting. Although 43 deg C (110 F) does not sound enjoyable at all, glorious clouds and inviting water not withstanding. But I could take a little more warmth than we are having here in Denver, CO. The other morning it was -21C (-6F) at my house and tonight some mountain valleys may go to -35 to -40 C. Hmm, on the other hand, wonder if I can get to Australia before midnight? Have a good one - on the beach.


Mark Heifner at 13:58 CET on 31-Dec-2007 [Reply]


What a gorgeous shot! I love how all the lines lead straight to the vanishing point. And even the squiggles in the clouds are suggestive of the ones in the water. Also, not having anyone in the foreground adds to the peacefulness of the whole look.

It might be hot but it looks wonderful!

Gillian Simpson at 21:41 CET on 03-Jan-2008 [Reply]


The interesting sky caught my attention. Have you tried cropping out the foreground to increase the skyline? Maybe it would add more impact to the scene.

Val Bridge at 13:37 CET on 05-Jan-2008 [Reply]