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Hello II

Hello II
Copyright ©2007, Mike McMullen
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This little rascal is a constant visitor to my porch. He pillages my bird feeders (I have 11) including several on my porch. I've received feedback from people about how cute the paw prints are in the picture. Well now the true story of the paw prints and this picture can be revealed. I had 2 half-gallon size hummingbird feeders hanging from my porch ceiling. I get a LOT of hummingbirds. During his only day visit, my raccoon friend apparently developed a sweet tooth. I was working in my home office when I heard a mighty crash and splash on my front porch. I ran out and half my porch was awash in sticky red hummingbird nectar including my table, my chair, my bird guides and, most importantly, MY CIGARS! The raccoon had pulled the hummingbird feeder off it's hook and a half gallon of nectar in a plastic container fell 9 feet onto a solid wood porch floor. The raccoon was licking the puddles of nectar when I came out and saw the mess. Fortunately my camera was sitting on the other side of the porch in it's case. Between cursing at the mess I'd have to clean, I knew I had some good raccoon shots so while I pulled my camera out of the bag, the raccoon hid behind a porch support. In this picture he is peering around the side to see what I am doing. The paw prints and wet paws are from red nectar. If you look close you'll see his toenails are red. And that's the rest of the story...

Photographer: Mike McMullen
Folder: Mike's Pics
Uploaded: 18-Dec-2007 14:29 CET
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Camera: Olympus E510
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That's just too cute!!!! What a great story to go with a great picture.

Gillian Simpson at 21:42 CET on 18-Dec-2007 [Reply]


Thank you! He is a little stinker.

Mike McMullen at 23:37 CET on 18-Dec-2007 [Reply]


nice one!!!

Rina Kupfer at 05:50 CET on 19-Dec-2007 [Reply]


Thank you, Rina! :-)

Mike McMullen at 16:34 CET on 19-Dec-2007 [Reply]