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Long Tailed Tit (7)

Long Tailed Tit (7)
Copyright ©2006, Fonzy -
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I have made several images from this little bird.
Today it came so close that I think this is my best shot so far.
I hope you like it also......
Photographer: Fonzy -
Folder: My Birds 2006
Uploaded: 04-Apr-2006 12:32 CEST
Current Rating: 9.50/4
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E1
Exposure time: 1/125
Aperture: 2.8
Focal length: 300mm
Lens: ED300mm
Focusing method: Spot
ISO: 200
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: RAW to JPG-Cropped-USM -Noise Reduction
Image resized to: 700x1002

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Marvellous shot Fons! I think you are very happy:)

Hans Gerlich at 12:55 CEST on 04-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thanks Hans for the comment....

plus generous rating, and yes I am very happy with this shot.
When a bird is exposed sharp in front of a OOF background it stands out very nice I think.
I like this little fella very much, it?s also a frequent guest in my garden..

Best regards,

Fonzy - at 13:48 CEST on 04-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thank you very much Adrie for the comment....

This picture I could make because the bird was coming closer and closer.
I also noticed the bird went a few times back to the same twig.
So after I had set-up my gear I waited for a few minutes( 12 ) and than she showed up again.
One push on the shutter scared her of again, but I made my picture....

Thanks again and....

Best regards,

Fonzy - at 18:56 CEST on 04-Apr-2006 [Reply]


good detail on the birds feathers nice capture the little beggers dont stay still for long :)
but my fav of your pick is the duck in the garden like the dof as the bill goes out of focus but most of all just make me laugh .

Andrew Mclean at 20:42 CEST on 04-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thanks Andrew for the comment on this little fella....

as I wrote already, I was lucky today.
Or maybe was it that she was saying "good bye, thanks for the food during these winter months".
She came back a few times to the same twig, and there I took my change and it worked.....;-)
These birds will be gone soon , butterfly's and other insects will come , I can hardly wait...
Spring is always nice , new live will appear and lots to shoot for us photographers.....

Take care and best regards,

Yes I like the Duck also.....;-))

Fonzy - at 21:31 CEST on 04-Apr-2006 [Reply]


very nice bird Fons. i just wish the bird is focused all over.
I prefer your previous picture of this bird.

Marco Lazzeri at 06:01 CEST on 05-Apr-2006 [Reply]


very nice bird Fons. i just wish the bird is focused all over.
I prefer your previous picture of this bird.

Marco Lazzeri at 06:01 CEST on 05-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thanks Marco........And you are right..

looking at Long Tailed Tit (5) maybe that's the one you referring to, is in focus more than this one.
Also the composition is almost similar, still this picture has that special .
The lighter background , the catch light in the eye, and how the eye is focussed at me.....!
Maybe that was the reason for posting , this is the last shot from these birds because they will disappear, now the winter it at it's end.
Anyway, it's nice that you commented and took the time to watch my birds, thanks for that....

Best regards,

Fonzy - at 09:58 CEST on 05-Apr-2006 [Reply]


Good documentation of this interesting social bird!
With a lens like that is can't go wrong.
Very good!!!

Fillip ter Haar at 15:24 CEST on 05-Apr-2006 [Reply]


Thanks very much Fillip ....;-)


Fonzy - at 16:56 CEST on 05-Apr-2006 [Reply]


Great pic Fons, great lens also, but a little too expensive for me.

Wim Westerhof at 16:52 CEST on 06-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thanks Wim for the comment....

Wim Westerhof wrote:
> Great pic Fons, great lens also, but a little too expensive for me.

Fonzy - at 17:10 CEST on 06-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thanks Wim for the comment....

Sorry Wim there went something wrong on the first reply:

Yes I know the price of this lens is quite high.
I am thinking of renting it out for half or full day to get some money back I invested in it.
Maybe there are some serious Guys or Girls or maybe Photo clubs that want to try this lens out.
If I can make a good deal, including insurance and a rent price I am willing to share this beautiful lens with others.
Maybe you can make me an good offer and be my first costumer...;-)

Anyway thanks for the comment and best regards,

Fonzy - at 17:17 CEST on 06-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thank you very much Shelley for the comment on this little fella.

Reading al the good comment's I receipt lately make me blush.
I am still in a learning process, and hope to become a good amateur.
Due to the critics and advice from all the viewers to me and others I learn everyday.
As also I appreciate your comments , always a kind and friendly word.

Thanks very much Shelley..


Fonzy - at 11:49 CEST on 07-Apr-2006 [Reply]


Hi Fons.

This is a very good image of the long-tailed tit. The composition is exceptionally good in my oppinion with the diagonal twig along the same direction as the bird.

Congratulations! Jens.

PS. As you know, I'm very jealous about your long-tailed tits (and your lens...:-)

Jens Birch at 10:01 CEST on 09-Apr-2006 [Reply]

Thanks Jens,

for this comment, coming from you this is a great compliment ....
Don't be jealous, no need to...;-)
These Tit's will soon go your way I think , and about the lens.
You know what I said before, I get your bike you get my lens....LOL

Fonzy - at 10:38 CEST on 09-Apr-2006 [Reply]