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Running Rabbit? Hare?

Running Rabbit? Hare?
Copyright ©2005, Dave Hall
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Not sure whether this is a rabbit or hare. Caught it while walking in North Wales. I spotted a couple running, sat down and waited for one to appear, when it did, it didn't stay long! Not sure if I had the 1.4 converter on.

Photographer: Dave Hall
Folder: David's animal photographs.
Uploaded: 03-Aug-2005 18:05 CEST
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E1
Exposure time: 1/800
Aperture: f7.1
Focal length: 400mm
Lens: 50mm-200mm Olympus
Focusing method:
ISO: 200
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: crop, USM
Image resized to: 1204x1500

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Excelent picture off a running Hare, David. I think it's a Hare because off the big ears and long backlegs, I think also that you AND the Hare had some eye contact . Well Done...

Fonzy - at 18:19 CEST on 03-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Fons. I did a google search but the rabbits and hares looked the same!

Dave Hall at 18:24 CEST on 03-Aug-2005 [Reply]


In italian Rabbit = Lepre. In all the language your shot, Dave is fantastic !

Sergio Di Giovanni at 19:02 CEST on 03-Aug-2005 [Reply]


this is a golden shot Dave and a winner in any contest ! Would be nice if you tell us the story how this took place !

Dirk Guttmann at 19:56 CEST on 03-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Fantastic shot Dave I don't think the teleconverter mattered!!

Bevellee Bryceson at 00:24 CEST on 04-Aug-2005 [Reply]


So is this what is called a "Welsh Rarebit"????? LOL

Bevellee Bryceson at 00:25 CEST on 04-Aug-2005 [Reply]

More useless information

Eostre, the hare-headed Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring whose festival was celebrated in April, was believed to lay the egg of new life. As such, the hare was the original symbol of Easter until early Christians, wanting to get rid of all things pagan, replaced the hare with the rabbit.

Bevellee Bryceson at 00:37 CEST on 04-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Dirk. I was walking in North wales and I saw a few rabbits from a distance. I kept quiet and walked on, sitting down in the shade of a small bush. The terrain sand dunes scrub like with patches of open ground. I just waited till this little fella ran out. I though that I got a couple of shots off but only one. I waited around 20-30 minutes before he showed.

Dave Hall at 14:42 CEST on 04-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Bevellee. They are not so rare, I saw many of these fellas but this was my best shot.

Dave Hall at 14:43 CEST on 04-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Thank you for the story Dave ! Your verbal illustration : 10 Points !

Dirk Guttmann at 17:57 CEST on 04-Aug-2005 [Reply]