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Harries Hawk flying.

Harries Hawk flying.
Copyright ©2005, Dave Hall
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Taken at a rapter centre.

Photographer: Dave Hall
Folder: Dave Hall's bird photographs.
Uploaded: 04-Apr-2005 19:47 CEST
Current Rating: 8.00/1
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Camera: Olympus E300
Exposure time: 1/500
Aperture: F9
Focal length: 200mm
Lens: sigma 55-200mm
Focusing method: iESP
ISO: 400
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: unsharp mask,PSP8
Image resized to: 750x1000

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good action shot! if only the light were coming from the opposite direction so the face was better lit. I notice the leather straps... was this a "show" animal, or was it really useed for hunting?


tom neal at 19:51 CEST on 04-Apr-2005 [Reply]


hmm. not the same shot i just made a comment on. lol.

another good action shot, but seems a bit noisy. suggest a pass with a good noise reducer like noise ninja, pic cooler, or similar.

tom neal at 19:53 CEST on 04-Apr-2005 [Reply]


Not sure what happened here Tom. It was a show bird. They are very fast, I am lucky to have got the couple that I did, most of my ashots were blurry out of focus images. I will try a noise reduction and maybe repost.

Dave Hall at 20:53 CEST on 04-Apr-2005 [Reply]


looks like you reposted. unless my eyes deceive me, this looks much better.

tom neal at 01:31 CEST on 05-Apr-2005 [Reply]