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Great Blue Heron - 11

Great Blue Heron - 11
Copyright ©2007, Leon Plympton
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Safely distancing itself from me this GBH still seems to be keep a close eye on the fellow with the camera in hand.

Photographer: Leon Plympton
Folder: Common area
Uploaded: 21-Apr-2007 23:20 CEST
Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E1
Exposure time: 1/3200
Aperture: f-4.5
Focal length: 150mm
Focusing method:
ISO: 200
White balance:
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied:
Image resized to: 600x800

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Good shot Leon of this Blue Heron,i know it's very difficult to get any bird in flight but you manage to do it pretty good.

syed noman at 01:18 CEST on 22-Apr-2007 [Reply]

Great Blue Heron - 11

G'Day Syed:

Thanks once again for your kind words of encouragement. If it makes you feel any better less than half of the photos I take of birds in flight are worth keeping. Yesterday I had an Osprey fly by and none of the four photos I took were worth keeping. One thing that truly helps is learning the birds' behavior. I've gotten to the point where I can tell when a GBH is about to launch. The same goes for Ospreys and Bald Eagles. Auto-focus really helps but it isn't perfect. I'm hoping that the E-1 replacement has an improved auto-focus system.


Leon Plympton at 12:03 CEST on 22-Apr-2007 [Reply]

Great Blue Heron - 11

G'Day Ardie:

Thanks very much. Believe me, the pleasure is all mine!


Leon Plympton at 12:06 CEST on 22-Apr-2007 [Reply]

Great Blue Heron - 11

G'Day Jo:

Thanks for the kind word, and yes, as you have noted it isn't impossible capturing these beautiful birds in flight. It is challenging, however, and when everything comes together oh, so rewarding.


Leon Plympton at 16:49 CEST on 22-Apr-2007 [Reply]

Great Blue Heron - 11

Thank You, Karen - very much. BTW: Just so you know: I've checked out your 'Images' page; you've posted some rather impressive shots of GBHs yourself. Know what I mean (hmmm ... )?

I also happened to notice that we both posted a GBH launching itself; get this - we both had the following settings: ISO = 200; Shutter speed = 1/1000; Aperture = f-5.6. Now that's a bit of a coincidence - eh?


Leon Plympton at 01:01 CEST on 25-Apr-2007 [Reply]